Your Testimonials and Feedback

We're always pleased to receive positive comments from customers about our products or service, it makes our jobs that little bit more enjoyable! Here is a selection of recent testimonials received in 2016/2017:

In store customers at MostlyMaps 

"Today I safely received the map of Russia in Europe and Georgia. Thank you very much for fast shipping and perfect handling."
G.L. Georgia. USA

"I look forwards to recieving the Gillray prints and I thank you very much for all the efforts you did to inform me properly. I appreciate the enthusiastic way you are doing your marvellous job."
J.W. Belgium

"I confirm it arrived safely yesterday morning. Thank you for your prompt and efficient attention to my order."
D.O. London, UK

"Thankyou for this. The map arrived and I am extremely pleased with it!"
N.C. London, UK

"MostlyMaps is still the best dealer in the UK. > Cheers,"

"I am absolutely delighted. Very prompt service."
S.R. Surrey

"The map arrived safely yesterday and I am delighted with it"
A.E. Cheshire, UK

"You exceeded my expectations!"

"Received the map (IOM) yesterday - I'm thrilled with it! Thank you for such prompt service and for such an excellent product."
P.R. Canada

"Just to say the Belfast Town Plan, Rapkin (John Tallis) has arrived, and. I am very pleased with it."
B.M Middlesex, UK

"Received this morning in perfect condition - many thanks "
M.W.London, UK

"My print has arrived safely, and it is wonderful. I can't wait to get it back from the framer. Thank you"
C.P. Canada

"The map arrived today. Excellent example and expertly packed.Thanks very much and I look forward to future business with you. All the best from a Yorkshireman in Minnesota."

"Just collected the map from the Post Office - looks excellent - many thanks. "
S. B. Bristol, UK

"The latest Saxton map arrived today within minutes of arriving home from an overseas trip. It is just as I hoped and will compliment my growing collection perfectly. Expertly packaged and arrived in pristine condition. Many thanks again "
P.B. U.S.A.

"Many thanks for the map, which arrived safely this morning. It's in excellent condition and a perfect match for my West Riding map (also in the fox hunting series)"
T.S. Welwyn Garden City UK

Many thanks for getting them out so quickly.

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the map out so quickly - it arrived safe and sound this morning and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! Many thanks for your time & help on the phone yesterday as well, I really appreciate it.
G.M. London , UK

"Many thanks for the excellent map of East Riding safely received. I appreciated your advice the written information and the careful packaging of my order "
M.H. Essex, UK

" Many thanks for your prompt service - very impressed indeed!"
N.I. Perthshire, Scotland

"Hi Sally - just to let you know the map arrived safely today, despite the heavy snow up here! I'm more than pleased with it , I'm absolutely delighted with it and so will the person that it's intended for!"
S.M. North Yorkshire

"I just received the maps to-day and I have to thank you very much for their good condition (safe protection, quality of presentation). I collect old British maps, especially road maps, and I am very delighted with the Ogilby one. I just wanted to make you know my complete satisfaction."
C.M. France

"Thank you. I received it the day after ordering. Many thanks for your very efficient service."
N.T. Warwickshire, UK

"The latest Saxton map arrived today in great shape, well packaged, accurately described and yet another fine addition to my Christopher Saxton collection...........keep up the great service."

Thank you very much indeed for your prompt service. My map arrived first thing this morning, in beautiful condition, and I am delighted with it. Could I ask you to put me on your mailing list
MC Cheshire, UK

Thank you very much for sending the map so promptly and for sorting out special delivery.

Hello, Just to let you know I have received the map (Saxton Kip Devon) safe and sound this morning and to thank you for yet another first class service. Excellent stuff!
E.E. Cornwall, UK

The Cary map of Cornwall arrived safely, and as described, yesterday. Thank you.
P.B. Cornwall, UK

Mr Gillray has just presented himself once more. I am a happy man. All the caricature books usually illustrate these two plates and I now have them in fine colour. Thank you. They will be very happy here.
J.R. Australia 

Just confirming that both maps safely arrived today and to tell you that we are delighted with them the speed and how safely they were despatched. Thank you It was a pleasure doing business with you and will happilly trade with you again in the future.
N.L. Berkshire, UK

Many thanks for sending me the Gillray print named above.

I was a little worried in case it might have been taken from the 1968 reprint edition of the two-volume Bohn edition of 1851, rather than from the 1851 edition itself, (in which both sides of each page were printed with different caricatures), but I am reassured by your guarantee of its age and authenticity. I am delighted to have it since I have been looking for it for a long time, and because I would not have been able to afford an 18thc original. Also, it arrived in pristine condition, and very fast.
PT Dorset, UK

The Morden Barkshire map arrived in the post yesterday. It is in beautiful condition and my husband is delighted with it. It shows the villages his ancestors were living in during the late 1600s.Thank you
P.C. Herts, UK

Just to let you know that the print arrived safely and to thank you for the information that came with it, for packing it so carefully, and for talking with me about it. Many, many thanks. 
Q.O. Leeds, UK

Thanks, Sally. It has arrived and is just what I wanted. It is for my partner for Christmas, and I think he will love it. Thanks for your prompt service.
K.T. London, UK

The map has arrived safe and sound, with no delay given the weather. Thank you very much for the careful packaging and sending it Special Deliver ! MUCH APPRECIATED.
R.M.Cheshire., UK

Just to let you know that the package has been received safely and that I am very satisfied – Thank you. I hope that we shall do business again.
F.K. United Arab Emirates.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the map I ordered from you on Saturday this morning, Tuesday 11th May, just as you advised. It arrived in good condition and I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you for providing such a first class service.
G.R. Northumberland, UK

Received! Thank you for your very prompt service. I am delighted!
T.R. London, UK

Loving the map. Thanks so much for finding me in your wanted list!
C.K., UK

Got the maps and prints..they are great. Again thank you so are the best..
R.F. Minnesota, U.S.A.

Have a great festival
C.K. Birmingham, UK

The maps have safely arrived. Thank you very much.
S.B. United States of America.

Received this morning. Thanks for prompt delivery.
L.E.Middlesex., UK

The map arrived safely on Friday. I am really pleased with it. Thank you for all your help..
R.G. London, UK

Received with thanks. It is superb! Kind regards
K.J Hertfordshire, UK

I am indeed delighted, and thank you for a very swift service.
A.L. Devon, UK

Many thanks for the expeditious delivery of an exceedingly well packaged parcel. The print is in excellent condition and I must confess is rather more eye-catching than those I'm used to in cheap pamphlets of the period!
N.F.Cheltenham., UK

Considering it is 400 years old, it is of absolutely stunning quality. I wonder what tales would come to light if it could tell us whose hands it has passed through in the last four centuries. With kind regards.
P.S. Cardiff, Wales

Thankyou for the ‘Bone End’ map. It arrived safely this morning at 9am 11 Feb. It is absolutely fine and I would like to thank you for your help in selection and your excellent rapid service.Again thankyou and best regards, 
T.L Surrey., UK

Just wanted to follow up and advise the map arrived --safe and sound. I brought it to the framer today.

Many thanks for sending the woodpecker print so quickly and efficiently - it arrived the day after I phoned you.
CL, Croydon, UK

Thanks. It arrived in perfect condition. 

Just got the parcel! The print is just great, thank you. I will get it framed and put it on my office's wall.
C.T. Canada

The Somerset map arrived safely this morning, is quite stunning in its precision and detail, and will be a challenge to the framer. My first appointment was in Bath, and I have happy memories of the city and the surrounding countryside.
J.S.Harrow., UK

Just to say have just collected from Sorting office and to thank you for speed of delivery.The Moule map is superb and just what I was seeking. Many thanks
D.F. Kent, UK

Thank you for the lovely services. T.A. Saudi Arabia

The drawings have arrived - beautifully packed. Many thanks indeed. I'm really thrilled to have them. H.N.Scotland

Map by John Speed has arrived safe and sound. Beautifully packed and delivered by Royal Mail yesterday less than 24 hours after being ordered. Congratulations on a really efficient service. V.R. Warwickshire.

Good morning.  Thank you so much for getting the map to us so quickly.  It is beautiful and has definitely exceeded our expectations.  I hope that we will be able to purchase more memorable presents from your site. H.D. Chester

Just to let you know that the Ogilby map arrived safely last week.  It is a gift for my husband and he is delighted with it.  We were both very impressed with your superb packaging.  J & E. V. Australia

The print arrived. It is beautiful. Thank you for all your help.  I really appreciate it. K.O. London.

I would just like to thank you for the beautiful maps which I ordered from you...They are both really lovely maps and the quality of both is excellent.  I really appreciate the very helpful advice you gave me when I called to check on something and the care you took in packaging the maps up and sending them to me.  Both maps will give us and those who see them much pleasure in the years to come.  Thank you so much!  I wish you all the best and will highly recommend your shop/services. A.S. Hampshire

Just a quick email to let you know that the Morden map arrived safely and that we are very pleased with it. R.A. United Kingdom

I received the map today and I could not be more pleased with it. Thanks again for all your help. K.P. Florence, Italy

We just received the package and all is well!  Thank you for packing them so carefully. M.B. Canada

'We are so blessed to have walked into your lovely shop!' T.W. California USA

I just received the package and handed it over to a very delighted birthday girl - So thanks again! H.S. Brussels

Took receipt of the maps this morning.  Once again I am extremely happy with them. And yes, the packaging was a work of art. Many thanks once again. M.G. Australia

'The map arrived a few days after dispatch and even though I know nothing about maps, I think it is lovely and presented so well. My friend will be home on Saturday for his party and I have no doubt he will love it.  Many thanks for your excellent service and personal attention.  A true professional and I wish you continued success in all you do.' A.C. Ireland

'Please be advised that I have taken receipt of the map and all is well.  It has a delightful water mark of a 'strange type of bird with outstretched wings' certainly different.  Yes, I am extremely pleased.' M.G. Australia

Just received my egg print last night! gorgeous.  Thanks for your excellent service. J.M.Canada

The map arrived safely and it is exactly what we hoped for.  Thank you for being so helpful and efficient. D.G. Cornwall

My maps parcel arrived today,in surprisingly quick time.  I have checked the three maps and I am very happy with my purchase. W.K. Australia

Took receipt of the three maps of Lincolnshire this morning.  Once again I am extremely happy with what I received.  The packaging once agiain being a work of art  - the person responsible certainly 'knows their stuff' and is a credit to your organisation. M. G. Australia

'This is to let you know that yesterday I received the materials in good order and that the maps look just fine' M.W. Netherlands

'Just to let you know that our map arrived safely and looks magnificent on our wall...Thank you so much again'. L.S. London

'As promised, I just wanted you to know I am in Spain and got the map from my dad.  It is fantastic! Thank you very much!' F.O'D. Spain.

'The cartoon arrived today in good condition.  It was very well wrapped and I am delighted with it'. D.H. Cumbria

..'and very nice they are too! Thank you.' B.M. Scilly Isles

'Ireland arrived safely and beautifully wrapped, this morning.  It is now with my framer.  Thank you for your excellent service, it is just such a pity that I seem to be running out of wall space at present!' J.L. Essex

'Received safely this morning as promised.  Now off to the Framers - must do the job properly.  I am going to miss the fun  of struggling to open your beautifully packed and protected packages. They are well worth the fun of finding the opening- well done.'  J.L. Essex

'Thank you so much for the Oxford which arrived safely before 0900 this morning...I much appreciate your kindness in making sure that it did arrive as I had hoped.  It was with the Framer by 09.30 and should complete the wall display next week'. J.L.Essex

'Parcel has arrived promptly and safe and sound.  Great prints, very pleased with them!' Thanks. J.B. Australia

'Just to let you know that my map arrived promptly and safely yesterday morning and I am delighted with it. Thank you'. S.L. Gloucestershire

'Please be advised that the map arrived this morning. Once again I am extremely happy with the item.  Furthermore I would like to compliment the person responsible for the packaging - A great job. M.G. Australia

'We are delighted with the plan of Salford and Manchester' B.G. Lancashire

'The Speed Pembrokeshire map arrived safely today.  As a former resident of the county I am so pleased to have purchased a Speed in such good condition, after many years of searching.  It has exceeded expectation.  Many thanks for your help'. E.D. Aberystwyth.

'I received the map and it is beautiful. Thanks again for the follow up' D.C. USA

'Greetings.  Overton map arrived safely this morning and I am delighted with it'.  Thank you very much.' J.H. Surrey

'My map of Canterbury arrived this morning and I am delighted, not only with the map itself but with your friendly service and your prompt and secure postage.  Thank you very much'. M.R. Kent.


'The map has arrived in Hong Kong. Great Service! Really appreciate all your help in getting it here so efficiently, I'll be sure to use Mostly Maps again!' J.W. Hong Kong

' The map arrived to Budapest yesterday.  Thank you very much for perfect packing and quick shipping! The map is beautiful: good condition and nice colouring.  I'm really happy to become a proud owner of an original and authentic John Speed map! Thank you very much for your excellent assistance!'  G. S. Hungary.

'I received the map this morning, thank you, and it is indeed a fine example! Many thanks- we may do business again in the future'. E.C. Hampshire

'Many thanks for the Blaeu Uist map that has arrived safely.  It's just as described - in  lovely condition.  A good crisp copy and remarkably neat for what is obviously old colouring'. P.B. Derbyshire

'The 2 maps I ordered arrived this morning.  Beautiful thank you! They did not disappoint. Many thanks'. A.C. Hampshire

 'Good Morning. I wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you very much for your help with the above map, & for arranging such quick delivery. The map arrived, intact, by 10.00 on Saturday & I am very happy with it. I'm sure my partner will love it on his birthday!  Thanks again for your help and service.' A.W. Leicestershire 

'We just picked it up from the post office! Delighted with it and it matches the one we bought in the store last weekend perfectly!  Very pleased indeed! Thank you!' O.T. Surrey

'My maps have just arrived safe and sound.  I am delighted with them, cannot wait to get them framed.  Fortunately there is specialist framer in town. '  S.D. Shropshire

'Delight all round. Good'. B. Cornwall

''Thank you for preserving history' J. F. Hong Kong