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Title: Tyburn Turnpike.

By: Anon

Map id: 47812
Publisher: Ackerman's Repository of the Arts.
Published date: 1815circa

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Tyburn Turnpike.

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Aquatint.Original hand colouring. With two pages of original text describing this entrance to London : (which) may be considered the grandest passage into our immense metropolis...Osford-street, from its uniform breadth, its commodious and spacious foot-way, adn great extent, being one mile and a quarter allowed to be one of the finest streets in Europe..the text goes on to explain how the row of houses here are called Trafalgar after the great victory and in honour of the great Nelson and so this obliterates the feelings engendered by what was a hateful spot where so many met an ignominious death for violating the laws of the country. Rudolph Ackermann (1764-1834) pioneered lithography and produced some of the best early colour printing in Britain, publishing numerous fine illustrated volumes, and magazines . He was born on April 20, 1764 in Stolberg. Apprenticed to his father a coach-builder, he moved first to Dresden, then to Paris and eventually to London whilst still working at coach-building. In 1795 he married and set up a print shop at 96 The Strand, moving the following year to 101 The Strand. He had already taken over a drawing school originally established at this address by William Shipley, the founder of the Society of Arts, and maintained it until 1806. Ackermann's aquatints are still a by word for absolute top quality aquatints. The engravings might be printed in two colours, perhaps brown for the foreground and blue for the sky and distance, the remaining colour would be applied by hand. Ackermann employed colourists and engravers at his 'Repository of Arts' but like most publishers he would also have used pieceworkers. Bundles of sheets to be coloured would be distributed to workers who would do the work in their own homes. Often the work was done by children, but sometimes whole families would work together at home by candlelight.Handcolouring can save money when printing large plates although people like Ackermann stressed the high cost of hand finishing. He used poorly paid French refugees. The colour

Subject London
Map maker Anon
Publisher Ackerman's Repository of the Arts.
Published at year 1815circa

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