Africa by Mathieu Seutter

Africa by Mathieu Seutter

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Author: Seutter, Mathieu

Publisher: Atlas Major

Date published: 1735

Long title: Africa juxta navigationes et observationes recentissima aucta, correcta et in sua Regna et Status divisa in lucem edita. Copper engraving with fine, original hand colouring. Overall sheet size : 59.5cms. x 52.5cms. Image size : 572mm.x 498mm. Old number in manuscript top right; thread margins left and right are re-margined with old paper to facilitate mounting; top margin also re-margined with old paper; old strengthening 11.1cms at bottom of centrefold on verso else good condition. Large, decorative titlepiece bottom left, by Gottfrid Rogg, with natives, pyramids, animals, lighthouses etc. An extraordinarily inaccurate map crowded with detail, rivers, mountains, place names etc The Nile is shown not only going osuth into lakes Zaire and Zaflan but is continued further south; the Abyssinian province of Amhara being shown in the kingdom of Monomotapa'. Tooley page 110 : Maps of the South African Continent. Seutter served an apprenticeship in Nuremberg with J.B.Homann, the map publisher, after which he established his own business in Augsburg. he became successful to the extent that he was appointed Geographer to the Imperial Court. Together with his son Albrecht and Conrad Lotter, his son-in-law, he published a series of town plans around 1741. His main competitor during his working life was his former employer Homann and their maps are often very similar in appearance.