Algeria and Tunis by Edward Weller

Algeria and Tunis by Edward Weller

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Author: Weller, Edward

Publisher: Dispatch Atlas.

Date published: 1863circa

Lithograph with original outline hand colouring. Overall size: 46.8cms x 33.4cms. Image size: 430mm x 313mm. Two scales of distance (English miles; French Myriametres and Geographical miles). Very good condition. Edward Weller was a cartographer and engraver based in London. His best known work appears in Cassell's Weekly Dispatch Atlas, published in monthly segments for subscribers of the "Weekly Dispatch"" newspaper. The maps are characterised by their detail and attractive outline colour and up to date information. The majority have an emblematical design of the upper half of a globe with a scroll ""the Dispatch atlas"" wrapped round it and above is the flying figure of Mercury (messenger of the Gods). "