Map of Minnesota Territory by J.H.YoungThomas, (Cowperthwait & Co)

Map of Minnesota Territory by J.H.YoungThomas, (Cowperthwait & Co)

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Date : 1854

Published 1854 in Pennsylvania, dated 1850 .  Lithograph with original full wash hand colouring. Overall sheet size: 43.2cms x 34.6 cms; image size: 408mm x 341mm.  Here the territory extends from the Missouri river to Lake Superior and the Mississippi River in the West.   This includes much of modern Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.   Native American tribes were very important in this area ( Many Indian tribes are located, including the Assiniboine, Yanktonan, Chippeway, Mennomonees, Winebagoes etc)  and there is a Reference to the late Indian Treaties of 1851 bottom right thus: The district bounded by the blue line and lying on both sides of the Red River of the North, was acquired by the Chippewn Treaty of 1851. The district bounded by a red line and lying between the Mississippi and Sioux Rivers was acquired by the Sioux Treaty of 1851.  This effectively forced the Sioux and Chippewa northwards opening up the south to white settlement.  Highly detailed map containing much detail e.g. note on Missouri River marking Wintering place of Lewis and Clarke 1804-1805. Margins browned and one brown spot in title else important and stunning map of this area in good condition.

Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. were a publishing company based in Philadelphia. They were part of the burgeoning atlas and map publishing in the early to mid-nineteenth century. They published many famous works, including Tanner’s New Universal Atlas.  Their maps are notable for the decorative borders and fine, vivid original hand colouring.