Middle Dominions...United States of  America, by Robert Laurie / James

Middle Dominions...United States of America, by Robert Laurie / James

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Author: Laurie, Robert and Whittle, James

Publisher: Laurie and Whittle

Date published: 1794

Full title: A New And General Map of the Middle Dominions Belonging to the United States of America, viz Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware-Counties, Pennsylvania, New Jersey etc with the Addition of New York, & of the Greatest Part of New England etc as also of the Bordering Parts of the British Possessions in Canada. Copper engraving with original outline hand colouring. Overall sheet size: 73.5cms x 55.1cms. Image size: 668mm x 480mm. Centre fold as published. Inset top left: A Sketch of the Upper Parts to shew the Remainder of the Lakes. Faint offsetting of title cartouche next to cartouche and little offset browning throughout the map but very faint and not offensive - see magnified image. One spot in right margin; few stray splashes of grey hand colouring, barely noticeable in left quarter of map else very good condition.. Evans' landmark map, published from the Surveys of Evans, Thomas Walker and Christopher Gist in 1750-51 and used by General Braddock in the French & Indian War. 18 states of this map have been documented and this is a pirated edition by Laurie and Whittle published in London in 1794. However it is the first to show oil (Petroleum) in Pennsylvania and coal in Ohio and the first to accurately map the trans-Appalachian and Ohio river region and is cited as one of the two or three most important maps of late Colonial America. Highly detailed with much detail: only way passable with horses/White Woman's/Antique Sculptures etc Many tribes named. Stunning map.