Saxton, Christopher and Hole,William: Salopiae

Saxton, Christopher and Hole,William: Salopiae

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Date: 1610

Long title :Salopiae Comitatus quem Cornauii olim incoluerunt descriptio . Copper engraving with later hand colouring. Overall size : 35.4cms x 32.4cms.  Image size: 330mm x 271mm. Title in decorative cartouche top right; scale of miles with dividers atop and Saxton's name in scroll  and William Hole's name at the bottom; compass rose extreme bottom left. Centre fold as issued. Blank verso.  Watermarked paper; five archival repairs to bottom margin on verso and four top margin edges else good condition.

These maps are the first county maps where each county is delineated on a separate sheet. They were prepared by William Kip and William Hole for William Camden’s famous work ,’Britannia’ and were based on the maps of Saxton and Norden. There are three editions of the Kip and Hole maps the first is identifiable by Latin verso text, the second (1610) lacks text while the third (1637) displays an engraved plate number.