Arabia by Pinkerton/ L Herbert

Arabia by Pinkerton/ L Herbert

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Author: Pinkerton/ L Herbert

Publisher: Pinkerton's modern atlas

Date published: 1813

Copper engraving by Samuel Neele with original hand colouring. Arabia. Drawn under the direction of Mr. Pinkerton by L. Hebert. Overall sheet size: 78.4cms x 56.6cms. Image size: 704mm x 514mm. Centrefold as published. One stray pink watercolour line in top right corner - C19th flaw. Very good condition apart from a line of mount burn (where old, non acid free mount once ended) in the large margins - (conservation) mounting would cover this. This map details the entire Arabian peninsula as well as the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf (here The Red Sea or Arabian Gulf), and adjacent parts of Africa and Persia. Covers the modern day countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. Both physical and political details are noted. When this map was made the interior of Arabia was little known in European circles. The map is dominated by the Great Desert (described as : large, sandy place) and Province of Neged. From Pinkerton's now scarce elephant folio atlas, this map with its fineness of engraving and detail make it one of the most important nineteenth century maps of the Arabian peninsular.