Map of Asia by James Wyld

Map of Asia by James Wyld

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Author: Wyld, James

Date published: 1840

Copper engraving with original outline hand colouring. Overall sheet size: 73.2cms x 59.5cms; image size: 656mm x 528mm. A detailed map of Asia published during the 'Great Game', the First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-42). The 'Great Game' was a name given by the British intelligence agent Arthur Conelly to the competition between Britain and Russia for control of the provinces of Central Asia that kept the Russians from threatening the northern borders of British India. Highly detailed and finely engraved map in very good condition. James Wyld was apprenticed to William Faden, taking over the business in 1823 and becoming Geographer to His Majesty (George IV and William IV) and his maps were among the most excellent published in the Nineteenth Century. He enjoyed a very successful career but died early from overwork. His son continued and expanded the business having joined his father in the map trade at 18. He became Geographer to the Queen and H.R.H. Prince Albert and was M.P. for Bodmin from 1847-1852 and from 1857-1868. He was master of the Clothworkers Company and worked hard for the promotion of technical schools. Like his father he was held in high esteem and held no less than 17 European orders of merit. He died in 1887 in Kensington. His son James John Cooper Wyld (1845-1907) took over on his father's death but sold the family business to G.W. Bacon in 1892. (Tooley)