Scythia et Tartaria Asiatica by Philipp Cluver

Scythia et Tartaria Asiatica by Philipp Cluver

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Date: 1697

Copper engraving, uncoloured as issued.  Overall sheet size: 31.1cms x 22.7cms; image size: 255mm x 208mm.  Cluver’s projection focuses on the historic regions of Tartary and Scythia which are now modern Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan as well as adjoining parts of China and Persia.  In the bottom right corner the title cartouche features a vignette of two horseman and alion like beat possibly a manticore. Beautiful crisp, velvety impression in fine condition.

Philipp Cluver (1580-1622) was born in Danzig and after studying at Leyden and Oxford, he became interested in modern and historical geography.  His subsequent publications made a wide and influential contribution to knowledge of the subject.  Philip Cluver’s ‘Introductio in Universam Geographiam’ was a popular geography book first published in 1624 without maps.