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Author: Cole, G & Roper, J / Nightingale, Joseph

Publisher: Nightingale: British Topography

Date published: 1816

Copper engraved map with glorious original full wash hand colouring. Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation mount and backing with decorative v groove: 38.9cms x 35.3cms. Image size: 221mm x 182mm (including imprint). The map has a compass indicator, a list of the Hundreds, and an Explanation key listing the symbols for villages, turnpikes, Mail Coach roads Roman stations, etc. Very good condition. Chubb CCCLIII. The maps are the same as those found in Cole & Roper's British Atlas of 1810 but with distictively vibrant contemporary hand colouring. They keep the original date and imprint but are actually published in 1816.