Islands in the Atlantic by John Tallis / J Rapkin

Islands in the Atlantic by John Tallis / J Rapkin

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Author: Rapkin, J (JOHN TALLIS)

Publisher: London Printing and Publishing Company

Date published: 1850 circa

Steel engraving.Hand coloured. Overall size in off white fully conservation grade mount and backing : 39.5cms.x 51.3cms. Image size : 245mm.x 343mm.Depicts Azores or Western Isles, Madeira, Maderia Isles, Canary Islands, Cape De Verde Islands, Bermudas or Summers Islands. The map is embellished with numerous vignettes : Fayal, Azores; Pico, Azores ; Chapel in the Rock St Vincente, Cape De Verde Islands; Villa Frnace, Azores; Teneriffe, Canary Islands; and Funchal, Madeira. The maps of the countries of the world published by Tallis are very finely engraved : over twenty different artists were employed in the making of the distinctive vignettes making them unusually decorative ; indeed this series is described as 'the last decorative series of maps'