The County of Monmouth by C and J Greenwood

The County of Monmouth by C and J Greenwood

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Date: 1831

Long title: The County of Monmouth From an Actual Survey made in the Years 1829 & 1830.   Steel engraving with original  hand colouring . Engraved by Josiah Neele.   Overall size : 76.3cms.x 60.2cms; image size: 702mm x 560mm Faint speckling in blank areas; not offensive; large fox spot above Explanation key at edge of piano key border. With vignette of Tintern Abbey at bottom left.  Centrefold as issued. Reference and explantion key.    Compass rose, beautiful hand colouring.

Between 1817 and 1830 the Greenwoods produced large-scale county maps in an attempt to compete with the Ordnance Survey Office. Ultimately unsuccessful in this aim they nevertheless managed to produce a series of large-scale folding maps of most counties. They were unable to complete the series but later, in 1834, they published an ‘Atlas of the Counties of England’, an attractive set of hand coloured maps with vignettes of notable buildings.