(Cardiganshire) Ceretica sive Cardiganensis by Johannes Blaeu

(Cardiganshire) Ceretica sive Cardiganensis by Johannes Blaeu

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Author: Blaeu, Johannes

Date published: 1648

Copper engraving with original hand colouring. Overall size : 63.2cms x 53.1cms ; Image size : 508mm x 382mm. Latin text verso pp310-309. Title in highly decorative cartouche with beaver, fish and hunter Scale of miles in a small cartouche with putti using a surveyor's chain. The Royal Arms within the Garter, the Arms of Wales and the Prince of Wales's Feathers. Two ships in the sea.. Compass rose. Small stain on verso which is just faintly visible in sea area; repair to verso at extreme bottom centrefold of these huge margins; rather greyish in blank areas most likely being inkiness from original plate otherwise very good condition.