Ancient Music by James Gillray

Ancient Music by James Gillray

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Author: Gillray, James

Publisher: Henry G. Bohn

Date published: 1849 circa

Copper engraving : later hand colouring. Overall size in hinged, fully conservation grade mount and backing with decorative v groove : 70.4cms x 59.9 cms. Image size : 542mm x 410mm. Shows George III and Queen Charlotte rapturously listening to music we can only conclude to be cacophanous,produced by squalling cats, beaten children, brawling fishwives etc. Peter Pindar's verse helps illuminate this satire: Discord, who makes a King delight in Ode, Slight Square of Hanover for Tottenham road; where with the taste sublime of Goth and Vandal He orders the worst works of heavy Handel; Encores himself till all the audience gape, And suffers not a quaver to escape. See our background information on James Gillray