The King by J. D

The King by J. D

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Author: J. D

Publisher: J Dickinson New Bond Street

Date published: 1830

Lithograph by C Hullmandel. Overall size in off white mount: 52.5cms x 39.1cms. Image size: 385mm x 243mm. Lovely soft lithograph of George IV in an open carriage driving himself. Very good impression on what is probably india paper - two creases bottom right and one soft crease bottom and top left - see magnified image. Very faint time markbelow image but generally a lovely item. Charles Joseph Hullmandel was an English draftsman, lithographer and printer. He worked mainly in London, although he had trained in Paris as a painter and travelled extensively in Europe making topographical drawings. In 1817, on a visit to Munich, he was introduced to lithography by the pioneering lithographer Alois Senefelder.