The Spirit of the Late Earl C-T-M to his son Billy by Anon

The Spirit of the Late Earl C-T-M to his son Billy by Anon

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Author: Anon

Publisher: T Woodman & H Mutlow, Russet Court, Covent Garden

Date published: 1785

Etching with engraving, uncoloured as issued. Overall size in hinged, off white fully conservation grade mount and back decorated with v groove: 33.2cms x 41 cms; image size:57mm x 234mm. Some grey marking in title at right side and in corner of engraving above title - see magnified image - else good condition. Pitt (left), seated at a table, shrinks back in horror at the ghost of Chatham. Chatham appears (right) from among clouds, emitting rays which reach across the room; his right hand is raised admonishingly, in his left is a birch-rod. Beneath the title is engraved: 'Spirit. What art thou doing degenerate Boy ? Billy. Take any shape but that, and my firm nerves shall never tremble' Pitt's pen drops from his hand, his hair rises on his head; on his writing-table (right) are documents: 'Tax on Women Servants'; 'on Windows', and 'Tax on Retail Shops'. Under the table is a bag inscribed 'The Budget', from which emerges a paper, 'Tax on Gloves'. Under Pitt's feet are 'Manchester Petition', 'Birmingham Petition' (cf. BMSat 6799), and 'Irish Propositions'. Beside them is a bundle of papers inscribed 'An Account of ye Rents of Houses with more effectual means of oppressing the people'. Behind Pitt's chair (left) is a box inscribed 'Money for those who vote as I please'. 12 June 1785 Description and comment from M.Dorothy George, 'Catalogue of Political and Personal Satires in the British Museum', VI, 1938) The Glove Tax was from 1d. to 3d. a pair according to the cost.