Cornwall by Robert Morden

Cornwall by Robert Morden

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£140.80 £160.00 Approx $169.23, €157.85

Date: 1722

Copper engraving; later  hand colouring. Overall size : 45.4cms x 39.1cms . Engraved size : 426mm.x 359mm.   .Title in decorative cartouche at top with  with three scales of distance bottom right. Table of explanation and key to symbols.  Centre fold as issued.  One fox spot  centre bottom blank, little greyness in the Irish sea; one faint fox spot top margin else very good indeed.

  These maps are the first county maps to show roads ( based on Ogilby’s road maps ) and show three scales representing great, middle and small miles as different scales were used in different parts of the country.    The extremely rare John Bill maps of the 1620’s were the first to carry latitude and longitude  which Morden shows here too : longitude (measured from the meridian of St. Paul’s Cathedral) given in the form of time in minutes at the top of the map , usually in Roman numerals, and at the bottom in degrees.