A New & Correct Draught of the Channell between England & France by Wi

A New & Correct Draught of the Channell between England & France by Wi

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Author: Mount, William & Page, Thomas

Publisher: Mount and Page Tower Hill

Date published: 1749 circa

Long title: A New & Correct Draught of the Channell between England & Francewith considerable Improvements not extant in any Draughts not hitherto published: Shewing ye Sands Shoales depth of Water & Anchorage on ye said Coasts with the Setting of the Tydes and the time of High Water as observed by the learned Dr Halley. No date. Copper engraving. Overall sheet size: 102.3cms wide x 66cms height. Image size: 1000mm x 630mm. Old folds where previously folded and with some strengthening on verso at some intersections on verso and some repair at centrefold, all virtually invisible even from the front. Slight toning, some creasing else good condition. Fascinating map: It is Mount & Page's response to the publication of Edmond Halley's Fundamental Thematic Map of the English Channel. This groundbreaking map indicated the hour of the high tide and so was invaluable for navigation where heavy losses were often caused by incomplete knowledge of the tides. Mount and Page published this derivative with all the features of Dr Halley's map. There are insets of the Plymouth and the Isle of Wight. There is a legend in the middle of the map explaining the mathematics to compute the information on the tides. This would have been published in version of Collins' 'English Pilot', see below: CONTEMPORARY INSCRIPTION: On the verso, in brown ink is the words: The Channel Draught by Captain G, Collins, Author of this Book Wrote by Jn Davis. Anno 1776. The Heavens proclaim the Glory of God & the Firmament Jesus his handy (?) SON. (There was a John Davis Quatermaster on Captain Cook's Resolution on his third voyage. Whether a Quartermaster would have access to maps however is probably unlikely. He died at sea off Scotland on 20th September 1780).