Lilac/Yellow Sarracena by Sydenham Edwards

Lilac/Yellow Sarracena by Sydenham Edwards

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Author: Sydenham Edwards

Publisher: New Botanic Garden

Date published: 1805

Plate 50. Syringa vulgaris/Sarracena flava. Copper engraving engraved by F. Sansom with original hand colouring. Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation mount and back (so floating freely apart from two pieces of archival tape) with v groove decoration: 34.4cms x 41.2cms; image size: 180mm x 242mm. Very good condition Click here for reference article including this passage:..we are compelled to cosider Edwards as one of the great masters of botanical illustration. His capacity for beautiful composition which in no way compromises the need for scientific accuracy, his eye for detail, his obvious sensitivity and love for the subject, whether it be a bud at the brink of anthesis, an unfurling petal, stamens in the various stages of dehiscence or a withering leaf, all these aspects are portrayed in a moment of time, all apparently drawn with the artistic freedom and licence of the flower painter, but their portrayal is in fact strictly restrained by the straight-jacket of botanical convention. Indeed, perhaps the simple distinction between a flower painter and a botanical artist is that the subject of the latter can always be identified to specific level by a competent botanist, as it will be accurate in all its parts