Touraine/Turonensis Ducatus by Cloppenburgh, H.Van Evertsz

Touraine/Turonensis Ducatus by Cloppenburgh, H.Van Evertsz

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Date: Circa 1630

  Copper engraving ; hand coloured.  Overall size in fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove: 42.1cms x 36.4cms.  Image size: 248mm x 182mm.  Very good condition apart from one circular mark in bottom margin. Tours, the capital of this province is prominently marked as a large settlement by the size of the buildings coloured red on the banks of the ,’Loyre’.  A province known for its viticulture.

 This map is from the "Atlas Minor" by Johannes Cloppenburg’s  larger version of Mercator's Atlas Minor.
Johannes Cloppenburg (sometimes Cloppenburgh; also H. Jan Evertsz and Johannes Everhardus) was a Dutch cartographer. Based in Amsterdam, he was working between 1610 and 1644. He worked closely with the Hondius/Jansson firm and is credited with the 1630 edition of the Atlas Minor.