Glocester by G. Cole

Glocester by G. Cole

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Author: G. Cole

Date published: 1805

Town plan.Engraved by Roper, J. Copper engraving ; hand coloured. Overall size in off white fully conservation mount and backing with decorative v groove : 32.8cms x 39.5cms. Engraved size 227mm x176mm. Reference key to seven main buildings mid left; view of Glocester Cathedral mid top; three coats of arms mid bottom. G.Cole, the cartographer and J.Roper, the engraver together produced a finely engraved series of county maps and town plans which were issued in parts between 1804 and 1810. The maps were based on the work of John Cary and Charles Smith and were some of the last maps to be published before the arrival of the railways. The town plans are very attractive and delicately engraved with vignettes of the principal buildings and the heraldic arms of the cities and, since fewer were issued, are much scarcer than the county maps.