Glocestershire With some adjoyning Towns by Thomas Cox

Glocestershire With some adjoyning Towns by Thomas Cox

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Author: Cox, Thomas

Publisher: Magna Britannia et Hibernia Antiqua et Nova

Date published: 1730circa

Copper engraving. Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation mount and back (so floating freely apart from two pieces of archival tape) : 29.8cms.x 35cms. Image size : 143mm.x 185mm. Distance chart (some strong show through from text on verso in top third of map). Details of Glocestershir in right blank including that is has 150 000 inhabitants and is in Compass 138 Miles. Three coats of Arms at bottom of map of the three major towns of Glocester, Cirencester and Tewksbury. Light brown patch above Tewksbury coat of arms else very good condition. Thomas Cox (c.1660 - 1734) was a topographer and bookseller dealing from the Corner of St. Swithin's Alley, Cornhill and (in 1730)at the Lamb, under the Royal exchange, Cornhill.