Glocestriae ducatus  vulgo Glocestershire.

Glocestriae ducatus vulgo Glocestershire.

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Author: Blaeu, Johannes

Date published: 1658-1662

Long title:Glocestriae ducatus vulgo Glocestershire. Copper engraving with original hand colouring. Overall sheet size: 59.2cms x 50cms. Image size: 499mms x 407mm. Latin text verso page numbers 198/197. Faint line of mountburn around the neatline; some speckling in the margins; one brown mark in Wiltshire blank and one fox mark in left border and a stray splash of green colour nearby so C17th flaw e Title and scale of miles in a decorative cartouche with figures and sheep. The Royal Arms, the Arms of England and a garland of ten coats of arms and two blank shields supported by cherubs.