A Chart of the Northern Part of the Bay of Bengal, by John Ritchie

A Chart of the Northern Part of the Bay of Bengal, by John Ritchie

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Author: John Ritchie

Publisher: Alexander Dalrymple

Date published: 1772

Copper engraving: overall sheet size67.8cms x 49.4cms; image size: 620mm x 470 including imprint: Chart of the northern part of the bay of Bengal. Laid down from the surveys made by Bartholomen Plaisted and John Ritchie. Note below title describes that: The Roman Numbers shew the time of high-water at full and change; the Arrows show the direction of the strongest part of the Flood-tide; The Sounds show the depths at low water in Fathoms ; top left is a reference key for Islands from Sagor to Chittagong and right lists eight islands and reefs. Soundings on moveable flap at right side. Milestone chart prepared by Alexander Dalrymple (1737-1808], who was the first hydrographer of the British Admiralty. He was dismissed and re-instated but again his difficult temperament proved his undoing. On 28 May 1808 he was dismissed and as a result: in the opinion of his medical attendants, he died of vexation on 19 June 1808. (See the entry online on the National Library of Australia site for more biographical information on this gifted but : over-bearing, opinionated and cantankarous man). Latitude and longitude scales, soundings near coast and in bay areas. Graduated & Engraved by B Henry and the writing engraved by W Whitchurch.