Regnum Hiberniae by Gerard & Leonard Valk

Regnum Hiberniae by Gerard & Leonard Valk

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Author: Valk, Gerard & Leonard

Date published: 1710 circa

Scarce. Long title: Regnum Hiberniae, divisum in Provincias Ultoniam, Connachiam, Lageniam, et Momoniaem, qua vicissim dividuntur in Comitatus Colraniam, Tyronam, Letrimam, Galdiam, Rosecomum, Dublinum, Kilkenniam, Wexfurtum, Lemricum et Corcam. per. G: et L: Valk. c, P. Title appears in two lines across the top of the map. To the left in a small box are two lines of explanation and to the right two lies of scale. Fine copper engraving. Overall sheet size: 51.5cms x 51.4cms; image size: 494mm x 581mm.. Some dusting in blank areas and a few faint spots top left blank and one bottom right ; one nick at centrefold edge left along centrefold just into margin; one pinhole in Tyrconensis only visible when held up to the light else very good condition. Immense detail, very finely engraved and black dark, strong impression of a scarce map. Bonar Law Printed Maps of Ireland DS 7