A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan by Emanuel Bowen

A New and Accurate Map of the Empire of Japan by Emanuel Bowen

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Author: Bowen, Emanuel

Date published: 1752

Uncommon thus.. Copper engraving with original outline hand colouring. Overall size: 53.5cms x 43.2cms; image size: 428mm x 352mm. Old ink number top right of sheet. Central crease as published which shows very slight toning. Two faint blemishies in the Oriental Ocean to the tight and below Cape Anra. Incredibly ornate cartouche ; several textual vignettes or legends as they are known e.g. Fatsisio I. where the great Men are (by the Emperor) sent into Exile.; Kubitefima the Japanese say 'tis inhabited by the Pigmyes. Highly detailed and stunning map in very good condition apart from two now invisible professionally repaired splits into neatline from top margin so well done I nearly missed them.. Emanuel Bowen (1714-1767) was mapmaker to King George II and Louis XV (France), and his most distinguished work is the System of Geography from which this map came. His output was prolific and he produced several English county atlases, in some of which he was assisted by his son Thomas. Despite this commercial success ill-health and impecuniosity dogged both father and son, the latter dying in Clerkenwell Workhouse.