Levinia by Johannes Blaeu

Levinia by Johannes Blaeu

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Date: 1647-1649

Long title:  Levinia, Vice Comitatus.  The Province of Lennox, called the Shyre of Dun- Britton. ( Dunbartonshire the province of Lennox).   Copper engraving with original hand colouring heightened subtly with gold . Overall size : 65.5cms x 56cms ; Image size : 525mm x 390mm. Latin text pp 76/75. part translation:’ The word Dunbar means a tower on a mountain, since Dun is a rock, hill or mountain and Bar is a tower.  People having gathered at the foot of this mountian, a town was built there, which they called Dumbarton.  The river Leven surrounds it almost entirely at the point at which it flows into the Glotta (Clyde)).    Fine condition.

 Publication of Blaeu's New World Atlas, or "Atlas Novus" was originally begun by Johannes's father Willem Blaeu with the publication in 1635 of two volumes (delineating The World, Europe, Arctic, Scandinavia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany and the Low Countries; and France, Spain, Asia, Africa and America), and published in four languages (German, Dutch, Latin and French). After succeeding his father, Johannes Blaeu expanded the "Atlas Novus" to six volumes by 1655, and this formed the first half the "Atlas Maior," extending to 11 or 12 volumes by 1662.  Their maps represent the pinnacle of Dutch mapmaking in the C17th.