Suthsexia; Vernacule Sussex by Johannes Blaeu

Suthsexia; Vernacule Sussex by Johannes Blaeu

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Date: Circa 1645

Copper engraving with original and later hand colouring. German text verso pp 170/169  Overall sheet size: 57.3cms x  49 cms; 527mm x 384mm.    Blaeu’s map  is based on the earlier work of John Speed but with many changes and additions. The Blaeu maps are remarkable for their high standard of workmanship :the best paper was used; the best workmen, the best colourists of the day and the ‘Svthsexia’ map is a good example of this beautiful craftsmanship.  Even the fleet of ships off the coast are engraved in great detail and the whole map is clear and easy to read; the calligraphy is elegant and clear. Roads have not yet appeared on county maps but the rivers, towns, woodlands and even windmills are shown and, as with the Speed map, the county is divided into its ‘rapes’. .   The map includes the coat of arms of King Charles I on the left and the old Plantagenet coat of arms on the right (first used by Richard the Lionheart), as well as 4 coats of arms of local noblemen in between.   The map first appeared in Joan Blaeu's 1645 atlas of England. One small hole repaired invisibly on verso above the second from left large sailing ship in the British Sea  a little browning there also and one mark bottom left at border else very good condition.

Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) was the founder of the Blaeu publishing firm and established the fine reputation of Blaeu maps. In 1634 he commenced publication of the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum or Novus Atlas and on his death he was succeeded by his son Johannes (1596-1673). Johannes continuously enlarged and updated the Theatrum up to 1658, including adding a separate  volume devoted to England and Wales. Later the Theatrum was expanded to form the  Atlas Maior, published from 1658 to 1672 in five languages, and generally regarded as the pinnacle of atlas publishing. The Atlas Maior finally incorporated over 650 maps usually found in superb original colour.