(London) Middlesex Sheet X11.6

Code: 53260


Author: Ordnance Survey: Revision of 1936

Date published: 1939

Printed and Published by the Director General at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1938. Scale 1/2500 being 25.344 Inches to a Statute Mile or 208.33 Feet to One Inch. Overall sheet size: Sheet size: 103.8 cms x 73.8cms;image size: 1013mm x 720mm. Stamp,'Record Map' in purple top right. London and North Eastern Railway dissect map. Hornsey, Chesterfield Gardens/Warwick Gardens bottom right to Crawley Road above Belmont Recreation Ground top right; Race course and cricket ground top left, New road, Elder avenue bottom left.
 (London) Middlesex Sheet X11.6