London. Sheet VII. 38

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Author: Ordnance Survey

Date published: 1914

Surveyed in 1872 by Colonel Bayly by R.E. engraved 1875 Scale 1/1056 being Five Feet to One Statute Mile or 88 Feet to One Inch. Overall sheet size: 101.8cms width x 68.8 height; image size: 906mm x 695mm including text and imprint. Some marking to margins and chips to margin edges including approx five closed marginal tears ; map itself very good condition apart from faint remains of a purple cross above Old Ford Road marking Providence Place. Covers area from Bethnal Green, Grosvenor Place bottom right to Prospect Place, Bishop's Road top right; St Jude's Church, Old Bethnal Green Road bottom left to Imperial Gas Works and Pritchard's Road top left. Great Eastern Railway and Cambridge Heath Station dissect the middle of the map.
 London. Sheet VII. 38