London. Sheet VII. 38 by Ordnance Survey

London. Sheet VII. 38 by Ordnance Survey

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Author: Ordnance Survey

Date published: 1914

Surveyed in 1872 by Colonel Bayly by R.E. engraved 1875 Scale 1/1056 being Five Feet to One Statute Mile or 88 Feet to One Inch. Overall sheet size: 101.8cms width x 68.8 height; image size: 906mm x 695mm including text and imprint. Some marking to margins and chips to margin edges including approx five closed marginal tears ; map itself very good condition apart from faint remains of a purple cross above Old Ford Road marking Providence Place. Covers area from Bethnal Green, Grosvenor Place bottom right to Prospect Place, Bishop's Road top right; St Jude's Church, Old Bethnal Green Road bottom left to Imperial Gas Works and Pritchard's Road top left. Great Eastern Railway and Cambridge Heath Station dissect the middle of the map.