(Untitled) Napoleon asleep watched by Generals

(Untitled) Napoleon asleep watched by Generals

Code: 53292

£225.00 Approx $281.25, €266.27

Author: Anon

Publisher: Bohn

Date published: 1840circa

Mezzotint. Proof before letters. Overall sheet : 73cms x 62cms; image size : 675mm x 440mm. Five little repaired tears on verso, virtually invisible from front; one tear into image top left by 0.5cms; one 10 cms into image, virtually invisible from front. Stunning image of Napoleon asleep with his foot resting on a table covered in maps. Moon in sky above. Possibly post battle defeat? If anyone knows which battle please let us know. Stunning image in good condition with the flaws not noticeable from the front.