North Wales by Henry Teesdale

North Wales by Henry Teesdale

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Author: Henry Teesdale

Publisher: New British Atlas..on which are delineated the mail, Turnpike and Principal Cross Roads, Cities, Towns & most considerable Villages, Parks, Rivers, Navigable Canals and Railways..corrected to the Year, 1835.

Date published: 1836circa

Whatman paper watermarked 1835. Copper engraving with original hand coloured outline and wash colour; overall sheet size: 47.2cms x 37.2cms; image size: 413mm x 342mm. Centrefold as published (Two archival 11cm and 6.3 strenthening on verso of centrefold). Note showing population and detailing members returned to Parliament; Explanation key to the Market Towns, churches and Chapels, Turnpike Roads, Bye Roads,Navigable Canals, Rivers and Seats of the Nobility and Gentry.Little dust marking in blank areas and one grey smudge in Shropshire else very attractive and clearly engraved map with rich hand colouring in good condition.