Norfolk by Thomas Moule

Norfolk by Thomas Moule

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Author: Moule, Thomas

Date published: 1840 circa

Steel engraving ; later hand colouring. Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation mount and back (so floating freely apart from two pieces of archival tape) : 41cms x 36cms. Engraved area 261mm x 208mm.approx. Vignettes of Holkham Hall, Norwich Cathedral, two armorials each side of an architectural border right and left ; reference key to the Hundreds in arched area top right and left Thomas Moule (1784-1851) was a scholar and writer on heraldry and antiquities who worked in London as a bookseller and later on worked in the Lord Chamberlain's department. The county maps for which he is best known were first published in the 1830's during the reign of William IV and re-issued in 1841, during the reign of Victoria. The original steel plates were used for all issues, but they were amended in the later edition to show the railways. These maps are very attractive and clearly printed. They were the last series of highly decorated maps to be published and they are very collectable both for their attractive and distinctive appearance and for the very fine quality of the engraved detail.