A Correct Map of Northumberland by Thomas Osborne

A Correct Map of Northumberland by Thomas Osborne

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Author: Osborne, Thomas

Publisher: Geographia Magni Britannii, Or, Correct Maps of all the Counties in England, Scotland and Wales.

Date published: 1748

Scarce. Chubb 189. Copper engraving, later hand colouring. Overall size in off-white, hinged, conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove : 33cms x 32cms; 167mm x 145mm. Shows the Picts Wall i.e Hadrian's Wall. Very good condition. Showing towns, roads, rivers, forests, lakes and other features. Includes decorative title and compass rose. Thomas Hutchinson, the engraver, was apprenticed to Senex for seven years. The mapmakers Thomas and John Osborne are most renowned for this series of maps, highly recognisable with their simple design comprising an attractive frame for the title and an elaborate compass rose. Chubb 189.