Bowles's New Medium Map of Northumberland

Bowles's New Medium Map of Northumberland

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Author: Bowen, Emanuel & Bowen, Thomas

Publisher: Bowles's New Medium English Atlas

Date published: 1785

Uncommon. Long title: Bowles's New Medium Map of Northumberland Divided into its Wards, Exhibiting the Roads, Towns and Villages, with thier Distance from London, Church Livings, Seats of the Nobility and Historical Remarks. London: Printed for the Proprietor Carrington Bowles, No 69 in St Pauls Church Yard. Copper engraving with later hand colouring. Overall sheet size: 25.8cms x 37.8cms; image size: 221mm x 331mm. Centrefold as published. Old manuscript number 27 in bottom right corner. Stunning, rare map in very good condition (two brown specks top right margin and one nick bottom margin and one faint grey mark top margin). This map is a re-issue of those by Emanuel and Thomas Bowen, published by Thomas Kitchin in Atlas Anglicanus 1767. All the foliated cartouches with the original titles have been erased and new titles re-engraved on circular or oval panels. The distances from London have been added to all the principal towns. See Chubb CCLV. In 2008 an atlas with all 44 maps made $11,246 at Bonhams.