Northumberland by John Cary

Northumberland by John Cary

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Author: Cary, John

Date published: 1793

waf Copper engraving with original outline colouring. Overall size in hinged off white fully conservation mount and backing : 35.2cms x 41.6cms. Engraved size: 210mm x 263mm including imprint. Supplied with original page of text describing the county. Grey dust streaking to bottom blank and one rust spot top left blank else good condition. John Cary and his brother Wiliam were active globe-makers in London though John Cary was also an engraver and publisher and came to be regarded as one of the leading English cartographers. In 1787 Cary published his 'New and Correct English Atlas'. Although lacking in the type of decoration characteristic of earlier mapmakers they are nevertheless elegant in their clarity and finely engraved detail. This atlas proved to be very popular and many editions were published, the final one being in 1862. In 1789 Cary published a pocket atlas entitled 'Cary's Travelling Companion' which was also a success and in 1794 Cary was employed by the Postmaster-General to undertake a survey of all the main roads in the country.