Northumberland Drawn from an actual survey by Thomas Kitchin

Northumberland Drawn from an actual survey by Thomas Kitchin

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Author: Kitchin, Thomas

Publisher: Alexander Hogg / Walpole's New and Complete British Traveller

Date published: 1786

Copper engraving, later hand colouring. Overall sheet size : 23.7cms.x 38.3cms. Image size : 173mm.x 213mm. Explanation key top right with symbols for borough and Market Towns, Parishes, Villages, Parks and Roads; Compass point and top left scale of English miles. Huge margins, brown tinged at edges and the whole paper tinged blue as is usual with this edition. Good condition. Thomas Kitchin, 1718-84. Kitchin worked as a publisher and engraver from premises at The Star in Holborn, London. He was an engraver of the highest ability and produced a broad range of books on a variety of subjects including topographical works. By himself Kitchen produced a large number of maps of every kind for periodicals such as the London Magazine and for books on history and antiquities. He is probably best known though, for his parnership with Emanuel Bowen with whom he published, in 1755, The Large English Atlas, which contained the finest county maps of the 18th.Century.