Prussia by John Tallis / J Rapkin

Prussia by John Tallis / J Rapkin

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Author: Rapkin, J (JOHN TALLIS)

Date published: 1851

Steel engraving with original outline hand colouring augmented by full, later hand colouring of the border and vignettes so greatly adding to the decorative impact of the map. Overall size in sand mount : 45.6cms x 38.9cms. Image size : 333mm x publisher's imprint. Engraved vignettes by J.Salmon, engraved by S.Fisher, of French church, Berlin ; Frederick the Great ; The Royal Palace ; Brandenburg Gate ; Berlin. UNFOLDED edition; top edge slightly cropped else very good condition. Although Tallis never produced any county maps he did publish a series of town plans which included the emerging industrial towns of the Midlands and the North. In addition, he published maps of the British Isles and individual countries of the world which are very finely engraved and many of which include illustrative vignettes making them unusually decorative for the time, indeed this series is described as 'the last decorative series of maps'.