A General  Mapp of Dorsetshire by Richard Blome

A General Mapp of Dorsetshire by Richard Blome

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Date: 1673

Long title: A General Mapp of Dorsetshire With its Directions and Hundreds described by Ric. Blome by his Maj Especiall command.   Copper engraving, later hand colouring. Overall size : 34cms.x 31.8cms. Image size : 312mm.x 252mm. Centrefold as published. Tabile of Divisions top left.   Very good condition.

Richard Blome,’a publisher and compiler of some celebrity, who, by the aid of subscriptions adroity levied, issued many splendid works’ (D.N.B.) He was  frequently accused of plagiarism by his contemporaries. However, as with amany map publishers of the period, he did not have the resources to undertake new surveys.  However his maps are very attractive, distinctive in their style and calligraphy and are uncommon.