A  Mapp of  Hantshire by Richard Blome

A Mapp of Hantshire by Richard Blome

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Date: 1673

  Copper engraving, hand coloured, dedication signed in plate by Blome to  the Rt Hon, Charles Ld. St John, Son & Heire. To the Rt Hon John Ld Marquir of Winchester.  Ld Lieutenant of the County of Hanshire This Mapp is humbly Dedicated by Ric Blome . Scale of distance.  Verso plain. Overall sheet size : 31.4cms.x 35.3cms. Image size : 258mm.x 297mm.  Centrefold as issued.  From the Britannia: or, A Geographical Description of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland.  Archival strengthening both sides of centrefold (3cms & 3.5cms) on verso and two further edge repairs on verso, not visible from front else very good condition. Scale of miles bottom middle; Table of the Hundreds below title top left.  

Richard Blome,’a publisher and compiler of some celebrity, who, by the aid of subscriptions adroity levied, issued many splendid works’ (D.N.B.)
see Ashley Baynton Williams interesting article above.