Mappe-Monde by Rigobert Bonne

Mappe-Monde by Rigobert Bonne

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Date: 1787

Long title: Mappe-Monde Sur le Plan d'Equateur, Hemisphere Meridional .Overall sheet size:  40.2cms x 28.4cms; image size: 340mm x 233mm.  Fine copper engraving . Engraved by Andre under the direction of Rigobert Bonne (1727-1795). Southern hemispheric view with Africa, of Australia  depicted as Nouvelle Hollande and with Tasmania certainly attached but the wrong shape, South America and Southern Africa   Very good condition apart from one fox spot in the table right and one in left margin;  some toning  top either side of centrefold and very slight offsetting in title area.

As Royal Hydrographer, Bonne’s main concern was the production of marine charts but he was also involved in other works. He supplied maps for an atlas by Guillaume Raynal and for an Historical Atlas and Encyclopedia which was published in association woth Nicholas Desmaret.