Westmorland. Ist edition by Robert Morden

Westmorland. Ist edition by Robert Morden

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Date: 1695

1st edition. Copper engraving; later hand colouring.  Good margins.  Overall size : 45.8cms x 38.8cms ; engraved size 417mm x 358mm. Centrefold as published; decorative cartouche; some roads; scales of miles.  Very good condition .

Robert Morden died in 1703, so this is the only edition of his most famous maps that were published in his lifetime.  These maps are the first county maps to show roads ( based on Ogilby’s road maps ) and show three scales representing great, middle and small miles as different scales were used in different parts of the country.     Robert Morden utilised unpublished surveys where available and the knowledge of local gentlemen who supplied corrections.