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Author: Sulmandel, T

Publisher: Illustrated London News

Date published: 26.3.1864

Wood engraving with later and colouring. Overall sheet size : 103 cms x 51.6cms. Image size : 1035mm x 402mm. Laid down on thin card (this was done very many years ago); two pin holes top right and left else highly detailed and arresting image in good condition. Sulman trained as an engraver and illustrator at the Working Men's College in London. Founded in 1854, and still in existence today, their ethos is the provision of adult education for those who have otherwise struggled to receive it. 20 year old Sulman entered the College on its opening. Memories of his time there are captured in an article in Good Words journal (1897, pp. 547-551), where he describes art classes taught under the instruction of John Ruskin: 'Never without an afterglow of grateful memory will the first art class of the Working Men's College be remembered by those few living who were privileged to belong to it'.