Central America II. Including Texas......by SDUK

Central America II. Including Texas......by SDUK

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Texas interest.  Engraved by J & C Walker; published by Charles Knight.   Overall unmounted size : 41.1cms x 34.6cms ; image size : 390mm x 312mm. Steel engraving with original outline colouring. One of the few maps to show Texas as a Republic. Having its independence recognised in 1840 it joined the Union in 1845. Having had a bloodless revolution in 1836, California was virtually independent of both Mexico and the US. However the Union's army took control in 1846, the year before the discovery of vast new goldfields. The map includes extensive details in both Upper California and Texas, including roads, forts, Indians, towns, rivers and topographical detail.  It includes an oversized stovepipe Texas extending to nearly Cheyenne Wyoming.  Highly detailed with heights of mountains , notes on the region in California, rivers and roads, towns and tribes noted.  A fascinating map in good condition.

Date: Circa 1844

Benevolent societies whose intentions were to disseminate knowledge were a distinguishing feature of the Victorian age. This society was founded in 1827 by John, Earl Russell and Henry Brougham, later Lord Chancellor of England. Earl Russell was an M.P. who was responsible for setting up an inspectorate for schools and an additional grant of £30, 000 for education.
The society published books that were deemed to be of high educational worth but produced them at a price that was affordable. Their greatest publication, most probably, was their atlas of the world entitled ‘Maps of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge’.The town and city plans in this series are particularly prized now - these fine steel engravings have original hand colouring and are often embellished with vignettes and comparisons of the heights of the principal buildings of the city.