Hoopstad 1st Edition by Field Intelligence Department

Hoopstad 1st Edition by Field Intelligence Department

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Author: Field Intelligence Department

Date published: 1900

Folding Map.Cape Town March 1900. Lithograph Sig of John Wood bottom right below the legend and also that of G.7. RJ Huderson ; Copyright Strictly Protected. 62cms wide x 50.2cms. on linen folding into red boards with gold title Bethulie (11.2cms x 18cms). Delightful assertion in right margin above the Reference Key:'This map is not to be considered as absolutely accurate'. Unfolded size (laid on linen): 61.9cms x 49.5cms. Key lists symbols for Railways, Pans, Hills, River, Roads, Trees, Cultivated Land, Divisional Boundaries etc Very detailed map in very good condition apart from one small hole at join below Bultontein folding into green coloured cloth boards ( marked on front and rear cover ). 11.4cms wide x 17.7cms when folded.