View of Sandwich Islands

View of Sandwich Islands

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Author: (Webber, John)/ Hogg, Alexander

Publisher: Alex.r Hogg at the King's Arms Paternoster Row

Date published: 1784-1786

Hawaii. 1. View of the N.E. part of Mowee when the isthmus bears W.S.W. 4 miles off shore 2. View of the S.E. side of Owhyhee when the east point bears N. b. W. 4 leas. distant 3. View from the (anchorage symbol) at Atooi 4. View from the (anchorage symbol) at Woahoo 5. View of the island Atooi when the Peaked Hill bears No. 14. W. 13 leas. distant. 6. View of the west side of Oneehow as seen from the ship at (anchorage symbol). Copper engraving with later hand colouring. Overall size in off white fully conservation grade mount and back with decorative v groove: 50.9cms x 37.5cms; image size: 361mm x 220mm. Very good condition.