Surria vernacule Surrey by P Schenk / G Valk

Surria vernacule Surrey by P Schenk / G Valk

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Author: P Schenk / G Valk

Date published: 1690 circa

Long title: Surria vernacule Surrey. Copper engraving with original hand colouring. Overall size : 57.2cms x 47.6cms. Engraved size : 484mm x 377mm. London illustrated at upper right. This Blaeu map is the Schenk & Valk reissue of circa 1690. Title in elaborate cartouche with deer and hunting hound and rabbits hanging below; scale of distance cartouche and royal cartouche top right with the unicorn and seven armorials and three blankarmorials. Centre fold as issued. One harp shaped small piece repaired in right hand armorial bottom right lozenge else very good condition. Peter Schenk and Gerard Valk together bought the Jansson plates and re-issued them under their joint name without text and they are now uncommon and collected.