A Map of   Northumberland by Thomas Badeslade

A Map of Northumberland by Thomas Badeslade

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Date: 1745

Copper engraving, hand coloured .Engraved by W.H.Toms. Second Edition. Overall size in off white conservation grade  mount and back with decorative v groove : 29.8cms.x 31.2cms.approx.  Image size : 147mm.x 151mm.approx.  Scale of distance at lower right. Centre fold, as published.  Badeslade was a surveyor and engineer involved in waterway improvement schemes, as well as an accomplished draughtsman. The map has text describing towns, fairs and markets down the side of the map and also details how many members of Parliament are sent by each area. This map is from  ‘Chorographia Britanniae’, a pocket atlas which according to Badeslade himself was originally compiled for the use of George I.

The engraver of this map, William Henry Toms was remembered by his apprentice, John Boydell, as,’ a very passionate man & committed many extravagences while his phrenzy lasted’.  In 1761 he was imprisoned in the King’s Bench for debt.(British Map Engravers,  Worms and Baynton-Williams).